When members work together Koi Zen and Dream Dinners

When members work together
Koi Zen and Dream Dinners

When Lisa Miller of Koi Zen and Sheila Callahan of Dream Dinners got to talking about increasing their
business they came up with a plan. To jointly pair the wine and the dinners together for all their

At Dream Dinners their customers go in to pick up their monthly Dream Dinners order, and once a
month her customers have the option of picking up their dinners at Koi Zen Cellars. Once there, they
could taste some Dream Dinner samples paired up with Koi Zen wine that goes best with the food they
are sampling. Lisa Miller of Koi Zen said she could offer incentives for the Dream Dinners customers to
become Koi Zen customers, as well as Koi Zen customers to try out Dream Dinners. It worked out well
for both of them.

So well in fact that they reversed the offering and had wine tasting at Dream Dinners for both of their
customers. Opportunities were also made for people that picked up their dinners to also purchase wine.
Dream Dinners even featured wine tasting at their previous holiday open house.

Koi Zen Cellars is independently owned, and Dream Dinners is a franchise, but Sheila Callahan must be
doing something right as she is the top franchisee location in the country. Congratulations to Sheila and
Lisa on a pairing well done.