Record Breaking Revenue At The Executives Association Of San Diego

The Executives Association of San Diego, based in California, is pleased to announce one of their members has achieved a record breaking revenue of $743,844. This unprecedented number was generated by the member referrals in April and May 2022. The association is pleased to see one of their members achieving such success, and they hope to see more of their members achieve similar or greater numbers in the future. Many have found success and growth in their business ventures through the association, and the recent record breaking revenue generated by one of their members is hopefully just the start of a successful future together.

The association offers members a way to meet other decision makers from premier businesses in the San Diego area. During weekly meetings, they meet to exchange leads, make referrals and share the latest information pertaining to their respective businesses. These meetings allow executives to form long term relationships with trusted resources that have the potential to be the catalyst for rapid, large scale financial growth in the future.

“The membership supports each other’s business interests by providing good leads, the fuel that keeps every business enterprise running at full speed,” says the Association. “Each member firm is committed to helping other member firms increase their business by providing direct business contacts, referrals and relevant business information. In addition, members receive from their fellow members personal and immediate attention to their needs and requests. Members strive to seek and discover lead opportunities for each other in conversations with business acquaintances, employees, friends and family. Over the years, a systematic and effective mechanism has been developed for passing along good leads and supporting each of our members. Important relationships are developed between members. This is an opportunity to establish business and personal contacts with executive decision makers from San Diego businesses in a wide variety of professions and industries.”

It is relatively easy and straightforward to join the Association’s ranks. Once an aspiring member contacts the administrative offices and attends a meeting as a guest, they are then invited to submit an application. Applications are reviewed by the executive director, the membership committee and the board of directors. Credit and background checks are performed and business references are contacted. After this an on-site interview is scheduled and performed at the applicant’s business location, and other members are presented with the aspiring member’s application for feedback. Assuming the application is satisfactory, the board of members approves the new member and welcomes them to The Executives Association.

The top responsibility of any member is to be involved. Members only attain the full benefits associated with membership when they regularly attend scheduled business meetings. A minimum of 50% annual attendance to the weekly lunches is expected. Members are also expected to represent their firms enthusiastically, actively assist other members, share any information they may have and act on information received, pay their dues, provide referrals and contacts to other members and generally help other members of the organization reach their full potential.

A number of members have shared their experiences with The Executives Association of San Diego through various platforms. Matthew Harris says about their experience, “The Executive Association of San Diego was a great experience as I was invited to sit in on a meeting. I’m currently 19 and getting into commercial Real Estate, and I own a small Japanese distribution company on this side. As a person trying to climb the ladder, it was profound to be in a wholesome and rather elite environment.”

Barry Handler also remarks, “I have been a member of this organization for the past 20 years and feel it has been invaluable to running my business. Members are all skilled business men and women in San Diego, and skilled at running their businesses. I have gained life-long friendships, many business referrals and business advice that you simply cannot buy. I encourage local businesses to at least check it out!”

Interested parties may learn more about The Executives Association of San Diego through their website. The Association may be contacted directly regarding any further inquiries as well.

Author: Simon
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