Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Build Your Business by Creating Personal Connections with Trusted Resources

  • Create business relationships with trusted resources; some of San Diego’s vetted business owners and key decision makers

  • Present your business approximately every 18 months and give a 25 minute concentration to the members present to educate them and notify of any new products or services you have added

  • 3-5 minute promotions or craft talks can be scheduled at the weekly luncheons as often as needed

Showcase Your Business to the Membership

  • Each business classification is limited to one member. Make your firm stand out as the exclusive member in your line of business

  • At weekly meetings, you will enjoy lunch with other business owners, exchanging leads, referrals, contacts and business information

  • Educating members about your business makes it possible to promote each other’s businesses and do business with one another

  • Required attendance keeps members active and engaged, giving your business exposure to members on a weekly basis

Countless Resources and A Coalition of Experienced Professionals

  • Top decision makers from San Diego area firms in a wide variety of professions and industries.

  • A focus on getting to know and understand each others' businesses, gives you more than 90 top executives and associates actively promoting your business on your behalf

  • Managed by a professional Executive Director, a 12 person Board of Directors and an additional 6 person Board of Governors provides stable, organized management