Cornerstone Mortgage offers true “no personal information required” mortgage pricing tool

Shopping for a new mortgage or mortgage refinancing can be a risky business when it comes to your personal data. How often have you seen an internet teaser for a low mortgage rate but, when you navigate to the website, you can get no real information without giving the prospective lender your name, email address, property address and phone number? This experience can leave you with mortgage lenders whose rates are too high hounding you for weeks after you’ve only made a first informal inquiry. Especially with the current historically low interest rates, “information collectors” are having a field day.

John Galkowski, Senior Vice President of Cornerstone Mortgage, understood that this is not what consumers want and created a mortgage pricing tool that gives you accurate, real-time rates without the need to give up your personal data. The John Galkowski Lending Team is where innovation meets experience; John is revolutionizing how mortgages are originated, processed and funded.

Cornerstone Mortgage is a boutique mortgage bank that specializes in residential financing ranging from 1-4 units.  As a direct lender they control all aspects of the transaction in house from originating and processing all the way through to funding.  They are small enough to be nimble and adapt to their clients’ needs on a moment’s notice while offering some of the most aggressive rates in the industry.

Check out this unique pricing tool and the other services that John offers at

Author: Simon
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