Board of Directors

Joe Virgilio, Ideal Plumbing Heating and air is the Chair of the Board of Directors.
Miguel Boggiano, The Business Cleaning Company was named First Vice Chair and
Special Events
Charles Murch, Berkshire Hathaway Homes Services California Properties is the Second
Vice Chair, Membership, Mentoring and Attendance
Michael Sedio, BBB of the Pacific Southwest is the Second Vice Chair, Leads and
Simon White, Local Blitz Digital Marketing Agency is the Second Vice Chair, Social
Media and Marketing

Duncan Newman, Newman Windows and Doors is the Second Vice Chair, International
Executives Association
Debbie Mendoza, Pay It Forward Processing is the Second Vice Chair, Promotions, Craft
Talks and Concentrations
Linda Neumann, Brilliant Marketing Ideas Inc, Marketing Support
Wade Ashbrenner, Altus Schools is the Past President