$951,904.! Revenue

The new revenue reporting year begins now for 2022 – 2023!
Please remember to report your revenue your results.
We all know how valuable our membership in The Executives’ is to growing our businesses… let’s put this ROI into numbers to show each other, prospective members and the San Diego business community exactly what being a member in our Association generates in annual revenue through member-to-member and referral-to-member business.
Send in your EASD-related earned revenue numbers (these will not be published and will be kept strictly confidential) and help us work our way up to our next goal of over $2,000,000. Your numbers do not have to be “penny accurate” and you can submit them at whatever intervals work for you and your business. Please participate and help
The Executives’ grow.
To submit your numbers. Click here
Thank you, Tim Frazier, Ryan Stevens, Javier Payan & Jamie Ogle Frost for reporting your revenue.

Author: Simon
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